I may write something about myself, but honestly I do not know where to start.

Oh well, since it is necessary to begin, I'll start with interests. The first I'm going to tell is programming in various languages including C++, PHP, Perl. I like programming, though I do not know why exactly. Also I like a family of *nix OSes it is spacious and reliable. AT Home I use Ubuntu, at work all power shows FreeBSD. Recently, I understood that desktop software will soon die out as the class, so I will do in the future Web-based applications which I`m actually studying now. I have a few projects made for the web. They can be found in the Projects section.

About 5-6 years ago I was interested in psychology and spirituality, to understand the sense of life but found none. Rather on looking for it I see it only in self-development, but on the other hand I understand that there is no limit to it. Now I began to study economics and projects management. Due to the fact that the money begin to disappear, it was not clear where to conduct home accounting, in fact the money are still disappearing - though now I know where :). For accounting purposes, the money I use and recommend GnuCash. Little mastered the technique of time management (actions) David Alan GTD. As a task manager I use lovely program MyLifeOrganized, I will not say that has made some amazing results, but stopped forgets what I promised to do something, that is not bad.

Learned a blind typing, the results following.


Some experience on CodeWars

P.S. Sorry for my English, I just try to learn.