Prophet – Salesforce Cloud Commerce Debugger

Debug your Demandware/Salesforce Cloud code

VisualStudio marketplace

Source on GitHub

Prophet - VS Code extension to debug your Demandware/Salesforce Cloud code on Sandbox that support the Script Debugger API (SDAPI) 1.0

Supported features

  • Setting breakpoints
  • Stepping
  • Change variables values in running threads
  • Locals scope variables via the VARIABLES panel
  • View variables on hover
  • Watches
  • Console/evaluate code

Getting Started

To use this extension, you must first open the folder containing the cartridges you want to work on or one of subfolders contain folder cartridges.…



Demandware file uploader & script debugger


After installing Bart package, in Atom appear additional item in main menu with same name Bart. This item contain three subitems:

  • Upload all cartridges - actually upload all cartridges to the sandbox (zip, upload and unzip on SB). Currently only first folder in project will be uploaded.
  • Open settings... - Opens configuration of current sandbox like a hostname, username, password, codeversion and list of files that should be watched.